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Weedy Harrelson

Weedy Harrelson

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Cross: Chocolate Cherry Kush (F) and The White x Unknown Landrace Sativa (M)

 THC: 23-26% (home grow expectations, commercial higher) 

Flower time: 80-110 days

Regular Photoperiod

Heavy Yield


Weedy Harrelson is a 60/40 sativa-dominant strain that was created with a sweet, cordial cherry phenotype that we find complex. We pollinated it with a strong sweet-lemon phenotype of The White x Unknown Landrace Sativa. These genetics were found in Oregon during our first couple of years of breeding. 

The nose on Weedy Harrelson is a strong menthol, with an undertone of cherry/robitussin.

Bubba Kush is an indica-dominant cultivar known for its tranquilizing effects. It is relaxing, while giving you a euphoric mood. 

Chocolate Cherry Kush is Grand Chocolate x Cherry Pie x Master Kush. Flavor profile can be compared to a cordial cherry. This is an indica-leaning hybrid.  The origins are unknown.

The White is a potent hybrid, sometimes called Triangle (3-way cross), created in Florida.  It is heavily covered with white trichomes, with a subtle lemon/soap aroma. 

Weedy Harrelson brings on a head and body high with effects that will have you feeling ready to play basketball, but relaxed enough when you realize White Men Can't Jump. You might even start calling yourself Tallahassee, and not be worried about impending doom of the end of the world. Either way, you will find life to be comedic gold. 

Price is per 5 seeds in 1 pack. Please make sure to choose how many you want in the quantity.