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Lemons and Grapes

Lemons and Grapes

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Grape Lemonade Skunk F2 x Uncle Fester's Skunk #18

 THC: 21-23% (home grow expectations, commercial higher) 

Flower time: 60-70 days

Regular Photoperiod

Medium to Heavy Yield


The aroma on this gorgeous cultivar is so unique, that it is hard to pinpoint one flavor that stands out among the others.  The nose is a subtle mix of Grape Gatorade, Lemon Gatorade, with a sweet pixie stick on the end. Buds will be a bright lime-green, with violet-yellow fades. It is an evenly-balanced hybrid.


Uncle Fester's Skunk #18 is a combination of Colombian Gold x Mexican Sativa x Afghani. 


Uncle Fester's Skunk #18 is known to be one of the original skunk lines that came down through the Hell's Angels. It is known to have indica-type effects, with strong black rubber aroma, along with a fresh spray/musky that can be meaty or gamey at times. 


Grape Lemonade Skunk F2 is Lemon Tree x Gorilla Grape Skunk.


Uncle Fester's Skunk #18 was bred by The Nature Farm. Grape Lemonade Skunk F2 is from an unknown breeder.


Price is per 5 seeds in 1 pack. Please make sure to choose how many you want in the quantity.