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Cordial Skunk

Cordial Skunk

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Cross: Chocolate Cherry Kush (F) and Uncle Fester's Skunk #18 (M)

 THC: 22-25% (home grow expectations, commercial higher) 

Flower time: 60-70 days

Regular Photoperiod

Super Heavy Yield


Cordial Skunk is an indica-heavy hybrid strain that was a combination of a flavourful phenotype of Chocolate Cherry Kush, with a black rubber male of Uncle Fester's Skunk #18 by The Nature Farm. Uncle Fester's Skunk #18 is a combination of Colombian Gold x Mexican Sativa x Afghani.


Uncle Fester's Skunk #18 is known to be one of the original skunk lines that came down through the Hell's Angels. It is known to have indica-type effects, with strong black rubber aroma, along with a fresh spray/musky that can be meaty or gamey at times.


Chocolate Cherry Kush is Grand Chocolate x Cherry Pie x Master Kush. Flavor profile can be compared to a cordial cherry. This is an indica-leaning hybrid.  The origins are unknown.


Cordial Skunk brings on a comfortable and calming high with effects that will help you wind down after an average day. You’ll feel elevated, yet relaxed throughout the duration of this high with a slight mood boost.


Cordial Skunk is often chosen to help you relax, without full couch lock effects. Cordial Skunk buds have fluffy spade-shaped green nugs with a coating of frosty golden amber crystal trichomes.


Price is per 5 seeds in 1 pack. Please make sure to choose how many you want in the quantity.