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90's Kid

90's Kid

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Cross: Uncle Fester's Skunk #18 (F) and The White x Unknown Landrace Sativa (M)

 THC: 22-25% (home grow expectations, commercial higher) 

Flower time: 80-110 days

Regular Photoperiod

Heavy Yield


90's Kid is a 70/30 sativa-dominant strain that was created with a black rubber phenotype of Uncle Fester's Skunk #18. UFS #18 is from The Nature Farm. We pollinated it with a strong sweet-lemon phenotype of The White x Unknown Landrace Sativa. These genetics were found in Oregon during our first couple of years of breeding. 

 Uncle Fester's Skunk #18 is known to be one of the original skunk lines that came down through the Hell's Angels. It is best to have indica-type effects, with strong black rubber aroma, along with a fresh spray/musky that can be meaty or gamey at times. 

The White is a potent hybrid, sometimes called Triangle (3-way cross), created in Florida.  It is heavily covered with white trichomes, with a subtle lemon/soap aroma. 

90's Kid brings on a head and body high with effects that will have you feeling nostalgic, like you are hanging out at the bonfire with your friends.  Someone may have even brought a 6-pack of Zima, and a really good cassette mixtape that has Da Dip and Whoomp There It Is. This cultivar is going to have a closer smell and taste to what you remember back in the day.


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