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Giving Back

Giving Back

Wavy and Bee want to give back! We want to give support in our community where members are overlooked. Thanks to all of the overwhelming support of our cultivars, we can start. There are two ways that Wavy and Bee pledge to give back to the community:

1. Through seed sponsorship once per month with grow consult, or
2. Through small-business consult as mentors

The Qualifications

1. We are offering seed sponsorship/grow consult and small-business consult to women and LGBTQ+ members.
2. For seed sponsorship/grow consult, you are responsible for the purchase of pots, soil, and nutrients before seeds are provided.
3. For business consult, you are responsible for having an idea, and the ambition to make your dreams come true. We will not consult on businesses that are a direct conflict of interest.

 To Apply

Send a message through the website, or through email to wavyflowercompany@gmail.com
Provide information to show that you qualify. Explain the consult you are seeking, and why we should work with you.

Thank you for your support! Est. 2022



Grow Tips With Stoned N' Social


We teamed up with Stoned N' Social Potcast to inform and share grow tips. 





Vegetation and Sexing



Training, Pruning, and Topping in Veg



Harvesting and Trim Jail




Wavy Flower Company is giving grow tips purely based on how they grow their own plants successfully.

Wavy Flower Company sells seeds solely for souvenir purposes. 

For grow tips, please look into your own research.

Wavy Flower Company are not licensed physicians, and therefore, cannot recommend a product. Detailed information is provided for each product, and individual must do research to find which will be suitable for them. Body type and chemistry may impact each individual differently.

The photographs that are displayed were grown legally in states that have either medical or recreational allowances. Anyone who obtains Wavy Flower Company genetics takes full responsibility for their actions, and is responsible for understanding the laws of their state. We supply products providing they will not be used in conflict with any laws.

Our product is being sold only as samples, and its samples are intended for adults (21 or over).  It is sold only under the condition that they won't be used against applicable laws in the state or country. There is no intention to promote, advertise or anyhow initiate further production, possession or use of illegal substances.