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Policies and FAQ's


What is Wavy Flower Company?

We are a genetics/breeding company that create new cultivars unique to today's industry leaders. We are not a commercial farm, and do not grow flower for dispensaries.  We work in partnership with commercial farms to supply them with superior genetics. Our superior genetics are available to all patients, growers, and clients.

Are you licensed?

Wavy Flower Company is a fully licensed business, that is compliant with laws and expectations.

Can I be a tester?

Wavy Flower Company needs to be able to use scientific, tested data in order to use an individual as a tester.  We currently work with two commercial farms, who have the ability to produce a Certificate of Analysis.  These types of tests provide information into the medicinal values, such as terpenes and cannabinoids, that can be eventually used to cure or aid in ailments. Our commercial farms fully support Wavy Flower Company, and are part of the same belief system.

What is the return policy?

There are no returns, refunds, or exchanges.  All sales are final.


All purchases are provided with appropriate tracking on your order. International orders cannot be tracked beyond borders. Wavy Flower Company is not responsible for delays in shipping or orders held in customs. We accept no responsibility for packages misplaced by the postal service.

What Countries Do you ship to?

We can ship anywhere in the US, and can take payment through MESH.  In order to ship to Canada, payment through PayPal must be done.  We are able to ship to countries that have relation to a US zip code (i.e. Guam, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands).  We do not sell or ship to Europe, Africa, Asia, South and Central America or Australia/ NZ/ Oceana. If you reside in these continents, it is best to have a friend from a country we do ship to receive your goods, then send them to you.

Can I breed your seeds/clones and sell them?

All crosses that incorporate the genetics of Oregon Wine or That T.O.M., or use of Oregon Wine and That T.O.M. are fully owned by Wavy Flower Company (BM and AF). The intellectual property of these cultivars may not be copied or mass produced for profit. When you purchase these cultivars from Wavy Flower Company, you understand that you may not copy this lineage, nor rename for your benefit.  You may not propagate these genetics, and resell for your benefit without a detailed agreement with Wavy Flower Company. 

We understand that people will breed our seeds, or cut clones for their own benefit of medicine. We also understand that you want to share with your friends, family, and acquaintances.  You may even want to make a few bucks on the side.  That is all fine.  When you become a business (licensed or not) marketing our genetics on platforms without our permission, then it becomes a problem, and a violation of the intellectual property agreement. 


Wavy Flower Company is giving grow tips purely based on how they grow their own plants successfully. You can find these tips on the Giving Back tab.

Wavy Flower Company sells seeds solely for souvenir purposes. 

For grow tips, please look into your own research.

Wavy Flower Company are not licensed physicians, and therefore, cannot recommend a product. Detailed information is provided for each product, and individual must do research to find which will be suitable for them. Body type and chemistry may impact each individual differently.

The photographs that are displayed were grown legally in states that have either medical or recreational allowances. Anyone who obtains Wavy Flower Company genetics takes full responsibility for their actions, and is responsible for understanding the laws of their state. We supply products providing they will not be used in conflict with any laws.

Our product is being sold only as samples, and its samples are intended for adults (21 or over).  It is sold only under the condition that they won't be used against applicable laws in the state or country. There is no intention to promote, advertise or anyhow initiate further production, possession or use of illegal substances.