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ViparSpectra XS1000: Big Lighting, Little World

Being a new genetics and breeding company, you tend to think of yourself as a micro-grow. Less space, less lights, less nutrients, overall operating on a much smaller scale than a professional commercial grow. We never intended to blow up so quickly, but with the demand of new genetics in our line, we quickly realized we needed more lights. We were no longer as little as we thought we would stay. You need the wattage to produce, so getting new fixtures was a number one priority for last month.

Looking over different lighting companies to invest in for our business, we already knew what was out there, but wanted to try something different. We wanted a well-known business we could trust, that would help us grow to our potential. It really was a no-brainer to contact ViparSpectra for our lighting needs, and were impressed with the attention-to-detail paid to what would make us expand.

We ordered a ViparSpectra XS1000, which has just been released and is the newest model on the market. We wanted to go with the most enhanced LED light that we could get currently without breaking the bank. After unboxing it, we quickly realized the features that go along with our fixture. It has Samsung LED diodes, a Meanwell Driver, and top-of-the-line construction. With 120 watts drawn from the wall, and 252 LED chips, it produces more lighting to cover a larger area, which is what we needed to start our new breeding projects. Right now we have our light covering a 3x4 area, although the specs say it works best in a 2.5x2.5 area. Due to the intensity of this fixture, we are getting top-notch results in the larger area that we are currently covering, and are impressed by what is has to offer so far.

Another great feature that we have noticed is that the ViparSpectra XS1000, is that is has more blue spectrum than most lights on the market. This is ideal for the vegetation state of the plant, and honestly, is making our babies thrive more than other lights we have used. They become more bushy, without the added stretch, keeping the node spacing tight.

When it comes to the construction of the light, it has a thick heat sink, with the driver mounted separately off the heat sink, which causes the light to stay cooler than most. We have noticed a demonstrable difference in the heat output in relation to our other lights in the room. By making the room cooler, the plants are able to grow to their potential and in better conditions. Making the room too hot will lower the humidity needed for our clones to succeed. The light also has a dimmer feature, which helps differentiate between light needed for clones and full-grown plants. The dimmer has a twist knob that can be adjusted for optimal growth situations. The lights have no fans, and are zero-noise, which is great when you are used to hearing the ongoing buzz of older lights that we have. The ratchet hangers are included as well, and make it easy for the adjustments you need for your specific grow.

The ViparSpectra XS1000 also offers infrared diodes, which is another great feature offered by the fixture. Infrared diodes may not be visible to the naked eye, but assist in the process of photosynthesis. It gives plants a the heat stimulation needed to give young plants what they need to grow at a quicker rate. Infrared diodes are also known to improve blooming and flowering. Plants have photo-receptors that need the boost in lighting to increase growth. The infrared diodes do just that, accelerating growth within your plants. Remember, when working with fixtures that use enhancements such as infrared diodes, be sure to wear protective gear and limit exposure.

In closing we would recommend this light to others that are in search for something that is going to give them the performance they need to feel like they are in a professional setting, but still in their home setting! This is great for home growers and smaller grows that want to see big results!

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