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ViparSpectra XS1000: After the 30 Days

Time flies when you are having fun, smoking weed, and breeding. The 30 days came and went, and although it may be closer to 60 days for this update, we wanted to check in with all you light connoisseurs to let you know exactly what has been happening with our ViparSpectra XS1000. We like to keep our followers informed on what we are doing, how we do it, and how you can do it with the best results. Let’s go!

Let me preface this regarding what we are using the light for in this instance. We reached out to Viparspectra about a light that would help us with rooted clones and seedlings, as we were starting to fill commercial farm orders with our cultivars, Oregon Wine and That T.O.M. (Time Of the Month). Our collaboration led us to the XS1000 model for the small area that we need covered, as we are a new, very small company, that want to provide the best genetics, every time. After unboxing, we installed the light over an area of 3x3 to cover 20 clones and seedlings for our first trial. Testing the light on a small portion was important for us to see a clear difference between our results, and we were pleased with the outcomes it produced. The light we are testing against is the MarsHydro TS600.

The first difference we noticed was spectrum of lighting. The ViparSpectra XS1000 has an overall blue spectrum as comparison to the MarsHydro TS600. Blue spectrum promotes tight node spacing, shorter stretch, and is overall used for vegetation state of your plants. Blue photons drive the photosynthetic reaction, which in turn suppresses extension growth. We had been using our MarsHydro out of convenience and price, and didn’t realize what we had been missing in order to maximize the healthiness and sustainability of our genetics. Blue and UV lighting is known to increase nutrition and crop quality, a characteristic needed to produce quality clones and seedlings for our new commercial farms. Blue spectrum lighting is known to increase photosynthesis, and the ViparSpectra XS1000 was delivering on that entirely. Although we have not used this light in flower during the short time of ownership, it will be interesting to do a trial on that as well.

I want to touch on the importance of the tighter node spacing that happened with this light in comparison to other lights we have used in the past. The tighter nodes cause better structure in the plant, with a more dense, compact bud. When using the Marshydro TS600, the plants have stretched much more laterally, with bud sites being more distant and not as collectively dense. The Viparspectra helps to highlight the qualities in our genetics that we appreciate most: good structure and and dense buds. We want our farms and customers to receive a healthy clone or seedling, and our new lighting was proving to make us look like quality was the incentive to working with Wavy Flower Company genetics.

Another difference in our new ViparSpectra XS1000 was the ability to adjust brightness, and dimming the light at specific needs. Fresh cut clones and seedlings need less lighting upon the first weeks of thriving, so it was ideal to have the ability to increase brightness as the the new plants grew. The MarsHydro TS600 has no ability to be dimmed or changed, and can be too intense for new clones and seedlings. When starting the project, we started the brightness out at 25%, then continued to increase for the needs of the new plants, up to 85%, with the ability to continue, if needed. We have not needed to use the lights at a more extreme percentage, but it is amazing that we can to promote growth on a different scale when we move into that space. The ratchets also aided while growing, and having the ability to move the light up and down helped to keep the plants happy. Making sure the light is not too intense will cut down on light burn to the babies.

Lastly, the quietness of the light is a major bonus. We have used several LED lights in the past where the fans are so loud, you can hear them from across the house, rooms away. The ViparSpectra XS1000 is as close to silent as you can get, cutting down n the ongoing buzz that is a byproduct of most lights on the market. What a wonderful upgrade to make to the lights. The shocking part is while the fans are more quiet, there was not an increase in heat, and actually a noticeable decrease in comparison to other lights we use on a daily basis. The overall ambient temperature was easier to control with the new lighting system.

In closing, we are pleased with our ViparSpectra XS1000. It is a light that we would recommend to LED users in need of an upgrade, or a first time lighting system for their own grows. We have had positive outcomes, and are excited to see what continues with the use of the lighting in different scenarios. We have discount codes for anyone that is interested in these amazing new XS series lights!

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