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10 Ways Cannabis is Useful for Your Everyday Life

Over the past couple of years we have begun to see more positive recognition to the magnificent cannabis plant. It still has some issues from place to place being celebrated, and that could possibly be because we are not highlighting all the amazing uses for the magical plant. It is not all just centered around sparking up a doobie, eating Fritos and watching cartoons (although, that is reason enough for me!) There is so much more that cultivars can contribute to the human race. Here are just 10 ways that cannabis can be useful for making it through your day with a bit of ease.

  1. It Brings Friends Together

  • Most people would explain cannabis use as being a social past time. It comes out during parties, and is passed around the circle. Puff, Puff, Pass has been used for a century now. It is a great way to relax with your friends, other than pouring a glass of wine. Let’s normalize the ladies getting together after a hard day to light up their glass pipes!

2. Cannabis Fosters Creativity

  • Artists have been using marijuana since the dawn of time to get their creative juices flowing. It fosters creativity in a way that has brought entertainment to every household around The World. It is not only expressed through paintings and drawing from the past, but also through movies and music. Thanks to cannabis we can all quote, “I’ma get you high today. Cuz it’s Friday, you ain’t got no job, and you ain’t got shit to do.”

3. Sativa Strains Are Known to Help You Focus

  • Some people have ADD and/or ADHD, and have the hardest time on focusing. They can get a project started, but who knows when that project will be complete. Distractions are plenty when you have Attention Deficit Disorder, or, when you have too much to do, and don’t know where to start. Sativa strains and cultivars are known to help you focus your energy, so you can get these tasks completed for once.

4. Indica Strains Are Known to Help with Insomnia

  • With all the stress that exists with modern day life, people are sleeping less now than they ever did. Sometimes you need an aid, and turn to other forms of sleep enhancements, such as Tylenol PM or Benadryl. Some go as far as getting a prescription for Ambien, which can be incredibly dangerous. Some have been known to eat under the influence, and even go out and drive their car, unbeknownst to themselves. Indica strains and cultivars are known to have sedative affects that can aid in sleep in a safer way.

5. Terpenes That Occur Naturally Have Medicinal Value

  • Terpenes are natural and organic compounds that are created by plants. Combinations of terpenes have been proven to aid medicinally, and continues to go through scientific testing to learn more. It can help with mood disorders, pain, seizures, autism, diabetes, and even cancer.

6. A Hobby That Gives Back to the Environment

  • Some people like to garden in order to pass the time. Learning a hobby that can give back and produce for yourself is rewarding. Instead of growing flowers or tomatoes, try your hand at cannabis! There are so many different cultivars to experiment with. Cannabis is a finicky plant, and a little more advanced, so if you can grow it, you are pretty close to pro!

7. Cannabis is Creating Jobs

  • Cannabis continue to be legalized both medically and recreationally in the United States. As it continues to become legal, it will create jobs. There is not only jobs in dispensaries and farms where individuals sell and grow the different cultivars, but job creation is endless. Jobs include transport, pest management, cultivation setups, clothing, festivals, and even genetics/breeding, just like Wavy Flower Company!

8. Cannabis is More Safe Than Pharmaceuticals

  • Pharmaceuticals are prescribed too easily by health professionals, when cannabis can be used in place of it for ailments. There were just over 50,000 deaths in the US from pain medication use. In 2015 there were over 35,000 deaths from benzodiazepines. There are currently no deaths ever due to cannabis.

9. CBD Offers Medical Value Without Use of Psychoactive Properties

  • We have gotten so good at using cannabis medicinally over the past couple of decades of studying it, that we have learned how to utilize hemp, or CBD, to help with calming affects and pain relief, minus the psychoactive properties. We are learning how to use the whole plant for more than THC. As we continue to learn more, we will continue to utilize CBD for medicinal values that are safe and effective.

10. Cannabis Increases Your Quality of Life Spiritually

  • Life as we know it has become too stressful. Everyday expectations are overwhelming, and are making it more difficult to connect with the world we live in, and the beauty that surrounds us. Cannabis is also used to foster enlightenment, with aid in focusing on relaxation techniques, such as meditation, mindfulness, and yoga. It can aid in your commitment to your practice of spirituality, and has been used in cultures that are far older than the Capitalistic United States.

As we continue to grow and learn more about cannabis, this list will explode into so many more possibilities that we haven’t yet considered. There really are more pros than cons when it comes to marijuana, and the plant needs to be celebrated for its value in our society. Now, roll one up, spark it up, inhale, exhale, and give thanks to Shiva for giving us the plant of enlightenment and life. As the stigma over cannabis use continues to drop, we will continue to see the benefits of how cannabis can help each individual in different ways throughout their life. Email: wavyflowercompany@gmail.com Instagram: @Wavyflowercompany Facebook: @Wavyflowercompany

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